Eyres Monsell Primary School aims to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. At the school, we offer pupils the opportunity to compete in sports and other activities, in order to help build character and reinforce values such as fairness and respect. Physical education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action.

PE lessons are taught with the following aims in mind:

  • Meet the requirements of the national curriculum
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle (thinking, selecting and applying skills and attitude learnt)
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise
  • Build self-esteem, confidence and resilience
  • Provide all pupils with access to the lesson
  • Develop pupils’ academic, social and physical ability
  • Encourage good behaviour and respect amongst pupils
  • Promote team work and cooperation amongst pupils


  • PE at Eyres Monsell Primary School provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities; invasion games, net and wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor & adventure.
  • The long term plan sets out PE units throughout the academic year – these are set out to coincide with upcoming sporting events. This plan also ensured that the requirements of the National Curriculum are fully met. RealPE is used to develop the ‘whole’ child as focuses on – personal, social, cognitive, creative, physical, health and fitness skills). PE Hub (scheme of work) is also used and regularly monitored on its impact.
  • Pupils participate in two high quality PE lessons each week (2 hours), covering two sporting disciplines every half term. In addition to this, pupils are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities outside of school and are signposted to neighbouring clubs.
  • Children are given the opportunity to represent the school at a variety of sporting events. These events are inclusive endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also mental well-being. These events also develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by the children. These events are split into excel, development, inspire and disability/inclusive.
  • Year 5 children attend sports leader training. They develop into role models for younger children, run break time activities, help out with sporting activities (e.g intra competitions, sports day) and any other sporting activities.
  • Subject expertise remains high, through regular CPD and twighlight sessions, ensuring that Physical Education is taught effectively.
  • Children’s indoor and outdoor skills are assessed through in-house spreadsheets with an red, amber, green system. This is completed by the member of staff delivering the lessons either on an on-going basis or after a unit has been completed. This is regularly monitored by PE coordinator (Physical Health Leader).


Children are motivated to engage in a variety of sports through quality first teaching that is both engaging and fun. From lessons, each child takes responsibility for their own health and fitness, many of whom enjoy the success of competitive sports. We prepare our children with the essential skills and a love for sport. We endeavour them to grow up to live happy and healthy lives, making the appropriate choices and they utilise the skills and knowledge acquired through PE.

EMPS PE progression of skills

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Long Term Curriculum Plan with learning checkpoints

PE Intent Implementation statement

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